Category: Jobs

Animal Caregiver – Farrowing (Auburn, NE)

Summary of Position – Provides daily care to sows and piglets following Haverkamp Bros. standard operating procedures (SOP’s) as a team member of the farrowing department.


  • Daily animal care/feeding
  • Assist farrowing sows and attend to newborn piglets
  • Process piglets according to company protocols
  • Maintain & monitor overall animal health, care, and treatment by PQA+ standards
  • Maintain proper barn environment through proper ventilation protocols
  • Adhere to all company policies at all times, including Animal Welfare, Biosecurity, and Safety
  • Maintain accurate production records
  • Move animals using safe handling practices
  • General facility cleaning, maintenance, and hygiene including power washing/disinfecting barns after weaning, performing laundry, and office cleaning duties


  • Respect and care for all animals is required.

Sow Farm Manager (Elk Creek, NE)

Summary of Position – Oversee the employees and department leads to ensure that all daily responsibilities/tasks are performed and all animals are well taken care of.


  • Ensure the health and welfare of all animals in terms of nutrition, medication, and environment
  • Communicate with veterinarian on a regular basis
  • Coordinate overall animal flow and understand its effect on production
  • Perform regular employee management, problem solving, and administrative duties (i.e.