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HavWin Story:

The Gruel-O-Matic Rescue Feeder and HavWin, LLC came about as a product of dealing with hard starting pigs after weaning time. The Wean-to-Finish Production Manager at Haverkamp Brothers, Roy Winkler, was searching for a better method to try and save more of the challenged or problem pigs that we all struggle with at times. There are many different reasons for these challenges. Sometimes these pigs are dehydrated because they have not been able to find the water source. They could also have had a scour problem or possibly the dry feed we give them is not attractive enough after having mothers milk as their staple for the first few weeks of their life. Whatever the reason is, we need to get them hydrated and on a fortified diet as fast as possible. Typically a good producer offers the problem pigs some type of gruel in a pan. In the past, Haverkamp Brothers had struggled to provide a consistent form of fresh, high quality gruel that would be available throughout the day and night. Then, we came up with the idea for the Gruel-O-Matic Rescue Feeder and started trying out a few different prototypes in some of the barns. Different people in the industry started seeing these and how well they worked and suggested that the idea be patented. Thus HavWin, LLC was started as a side company of Haverkamp Brothers.

Feeder Description:

The Gruel-O-Matic Rescue Feeder is the fastest and best way to get problem fallback pigs eating and drinking properly after weaning. Its unique design utilizes a water reservoir that can be supplied with electrolytes or antibiotics in combination with water. It allows you take care of your problem pigs without medicating the whole barn. High quality feedstuffs can be placed in the feed troughs on each side of the connected nipple bar. The pigs are able to mix their own desired consistency of gruel in the trough by triggering the gravity fed nipples that are attached to the water reservoir system. Pigs are not able to move the Gruel-O-Matic Rescue Feeder due to the spring loaded fasteners securely anchoring it to the floor. This is a far better alternative than the gruel pans most producers have used over the years that get moved all around the pen, tipped over and dunged on.The whole system is easily portable, weighing approximately 32 pounds. The components used make it durable and easy to clean and disinfect. Each feeder is designed to accommodate 30-50 pigs from one to six weeks post weaning. The Gruel-O-Matic Rescue Feeder is proven to be the most convenient and best way to gruel problem pigs.

For more information regarding the feeder please contact Roy Winkler or Curt Haverkamp at (785) 858-4457 or email them at havwin@haverkampbros.com.


I have been in the hog industry for nearly 17 years. I have found the Gruel-O-Matic Rescue Feeder to be very effective in my hog units. The feeder has saved on food costs and been able to meet the needs of my herd more efficiently and effectively. I would gladly recommend this product to anyone in my industry.” – Chad Schultz – Mosier Farms – Shickley, NE

Great feeders to use on small pigs to get started. With the placement of nipple waters and the feed troughs there for feed or gruel, pigs get back on feed quickly. You can also put milk replacer or medicated water in the tank that gets to the pigs quick and easy. I feel that if we can save 7-10 pigs per turn it will pay for itself in one turn.” – Jim Noethe – LakeView Feeders – LakeView, IA

I like how the pigs go to the feed troughs and eat. Handy feeder for little pigs to eat and drink with less competition.” – Mark Gosch – Gosch Farms – Auburn, IA