Maintenance Supervisor (Bern, KS)

The main goal of this position is as follows:

Work in a Team Effort with HBI Management, Farm Managers, and Farm Employees in the planning and execution of the day-to-day repairs and maintenance of all company-owned and leased assets within our farms.


Physical Requirements

  1. Ability to lift, move, or carry up to 50 pounds with reasonable accommodation.
  2. Ability to sit, stand, walk, push, pull, bend, kneel, and squat for extended periods of time on varied surfaces, and capable of being on their feet for up to 10 hours a day.
  3. Ability to work in noise levels that may require hearing protection.
  4. Must possess ambulatory skills sufficient to move throughout the farm.
  5. Must possess good hand-eye coordination, arm, and hand and finger dexterity, including the use of hands to handle, grasp, or feel objects, tools, controls, or animals.



  1. Outline daily tasks, and scheduling for the maintenance crew.
  2. Perform daily repair and maintenance duties.
  3. Routinely report progress to management.
  4. Evaluate future facility and equipment requirements, upgrades or replacements and report to management.
  5. Complete detailed one trip material list when assessing repair project needs.
  6. Diagnose and provide practical solutions for electrical, ventilation, and other facility challenges that arise throughout the company owned facilities.
  7. Complete tasks efficiently, safely and thoroughly with emphasis on result that is satisfactory for management and co-workers after completion of each project.   
  8. Ensure that routine maintenance work in swine facilities is conducted in a manner that doesn’t compromise bio-security and health of the swine.
  9. Develop and maintain a preventative maintenance program for all HBI assets, keeping them in optimal working order, and focusing on planned maintenance tasks that happen regularly on critical assets.
  10. Maintain tools associated with job in working condition and be accountable for inventory of tools.
  11. Promote safe work habits and maintain a safe working environment.



  1. Have knowledge of operating and servicing equipment, i.e. tractors, trucks, trailers, etc.
  2. Have knowledge of electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems.
  3. Willingness to learn new skills.
  4. Must be able to adapt to new and changing technology.
  5. Individual must be skilled in organization, planning, preventative maintenance, and project management.
  6. General computing and the ability to manage workload through mobile handheld devices.
  7. Follow written and verbal instructions as well as have excellent verbal and written communications.
  8. Ability to Weld, Fabricate, and perform General Carpentry.
  9. Work independently, as well as part of a team.
  10. Be “on call,” with-in reasonable limits, to answer questions or give advice to employees. Return voice messages as promptly as possible.
  11. Follow policies outlined in the Employee Handbook.
  12. Maintain bio-security.
  13. Keep costs contained.
  14. Environmental Management: Ensure that all operations are performed in accordance with Best Management Practices determined for bio-security, manure management, odor control, and animal well-being.
  15. Have a comprehensive knowledge of swine building ventilation and ventilation controls.
  16. Have a comprehensive knowledge of auto-sort scale controls and set-up.
  17. Take “ownership” of your duties and complete projects in a timely manner or when the weather is threatening.


HBI reserves the right to make any necessary changes to this job description and to request that the Maintenance Supervisor perform additional duties as the need arises. These additional requests will be reasonable and respectful of the Maintenance Supervisor’s time.