Sow Farms

Haverkamp Bros, Inc. Pork Production Photo

Sow Farm Overview:

Haverkamp Brothers is a leading producer of high quality pork headquartered in Bern, Kansas with operations spread throughout Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. With over 30 years of experience in the swine industry we are dedicated to providing high quality pork to families around the world. Haverkamp Brothers is able to do this by constantly trying to improve using the latest technology and the best management practices while employing quality care providers throughout the organization.

Sow Farm Locations:

Crestview – Commercial Sow Farm

63605 726th Rd Auburn, NE 68305


Eagle Ridge – Commercial Sow Farm

1561 Eagle Rd Haddam, KS 66944


FP – DNA Multiplier Sow Farm

62051 722nd Rd Elk Creek, NE 68348


Home Farm – Commercial Sow Farm

2976 L4 Rd Bern, KS 66408